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It is never too late to learn

It is never too late to learn

We have had an informative session with the Nazareth Adult School. Since last year, we have been developing there a project of socio-occupational insertion for women, hand in hand with the CEIP Ausiàs March. One of the perceived needs is the lack of training, as well as the lack of information on how they can be trained despite their age.

In this session, the school principal explained where the school is located and what is taught there: languages, literacy, digital skills and ESO graduation.

The school timetable is compatible with the children’s timetable, so they can attend while the children are at school. The graduate course is taught in the morning and the school is closed in the afternoons. The graduate course requires three hours of study per day.

It is important to remember to enrol in September. There is a validation test and many of the diplomas are official and therefore valid for work and for roots.

We are delighted to be able to share this valuable information and hope it will be of great help to everyone!