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“Pinta tu cole”: A touch of colour and creativity to transform CEIP Mora Puchol (Alicante)

“Pinta tu cole”: A touch of colour and creativity to transform CEIP Mora Puchol (Alicante)

Last Saturday the activity “Pinta tu cole” took place at CEIP Mora Puchol in Alicante. This project, which seeks to revitalise school spaces through the rehabilitation of walls and the renovation of elements such as floor games, swings, benches, etc. had the fundamental support of volunteers and the collaboration of the company Isaval Pinturas, which donated the necessary material to carry out this transformation.

The day at CEIP Mora Puchol was notable for the organisation of the Foundation’s coordinators in the city of Alicante and for the work of the volunteers who, with paintbrushes and rollers in hand, dedicated their time and effort to beautify the school’s educational environment. Special thanks to the artist known as Ymikai who altruistically painted the mural.

This initiative seeks to create pleasant physical spaces and also to foster an environment conducive to learning and creativity.

The collaboration of Isaval Pinturas has been very important for the success of this project, as its donation of materials allowed this transformation to be carried out effectively and efficiently. The company is committed to the welfare of the community through initiatives that have a positive impact on the education and development of children.

This activity has not only left a trail of colour and renewal at CEIP Mora Puchol, but has also left a mark on the community, reminding us of the importance of collaboration and commitment to the wellbeing of future generations.