School aid

The purpose of this program is to alleviate the financial burden that educational expenses impose on families. The grants encourage greater educational commitment from the family and promote greater academic responsibility among the beneficiaries. The grants are awarded through a public call at the end of the school year. For their awarding, the foundation considers various circumstances that lead to an objective scoring: family income, academic performance, family size, or costs of the chosen educational center, among others. As part of this program, the "Esfuérzate" awards are held annually to recognize the academic progress made by students currently attending high school. The entity also makes contributions of school supplies and other initiatives that improve educational conditions in more vulnerable environments.

Some effects of the programme:

  • Increased academic responsibility in beneficiaries
  • Increased family commitment and participation in schoolwork
  • Improved academic performance
  • Decreased school dropouts and increased school selection
  • Unlink situations of economic stress from school expenses

The main results of this activity are:

  • A comprehensive application management platform
  • Senior activity: 15 calls made
  • 3,600 people granted from the outset
  • 4 scholarships to "strengthen" academic excellence
Fund Raised


Necessary funds


Obtained funds