Contributing to Development

Within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Foundation directs its attention to educational needs in African countries such as Congo and Cameroon. Education as a tool for social progress is especially evident in any developing country. The actions in each country depend on the chosen project. On the other hand, at the local level, the Foundation develops Education for Development actions with the aim of fostering greater awareness of the importance of education in those countries and creating pathways for the commitment of individuals, entities, and schools.

This program has:

  • Improved the educational conditions of the beneficiaries
  • Increased the academic responsibility of the beneficiaries
  • Increased the professional interest of benefitting teachers
  • Heightened awareness of the value of education in general and specifically of our responsibility to use it well

The main results of this activity are:

  • Four years of educational collaboration
  • Four shipments of school supplies: books and clothing.
  • Improvement of three rural schools in Congo
  • Recruitment activities in Spanish schools.
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