Childhood aid

We provide child care at an early age and in school settings in vulnerable areas. Through a pedagogical intervention plan, we seek to establish knowledge bases and work habits to promote effective learning as prevention against school failure. An educational leisure space is provided that contributes to the development of attitudes that favor coexistence, contributing to respect and integration.

The intervention is carried out with the commitment of families and in coordination with teachers. The commitment of professional technicians and volunteers allows a greater scope of action.

Since its founding three years ago, the program has achieved the following:

  • Increased the educational motivation of participating minors.
  • Strengthened the families’ appreciation of education.
  • Developed ties of coexistence and participation.
  • Improved community commitment to the education of minors.
  • Transmitted values that promote respect and hard work.

Some specific results from our four years of development have been:

  • Participation of nine public schools in vulnerable areas of Valencia, Alicante and Castellón..
  • Direct care to 350 minors and their families.
  • Development of 300 workshops.
  • Design of an educational plan with activities for 50 school days.
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