This program is aimed at promoting greater social support for teachers from families, institutions, and society. Their work is essential for the development of society, for greater cohesion, and for peaceful coexistence.

It is a key factor for educational improvement and an indispensable agent of change, especially in environments of greater inequality according to UNICEF. However, statistics do not indicate a comfortable situation for the exercise of the profession.

This program uses the campaign image "Thank You Teacher" and has November 27th, Teachers' Day in Spain, as its reference date. It has a specific portal for its development:

Since the first edition in 2013, the programme has expanded its scope of action:

  • Social awareness of the relevance of teachers’ work
  • Generated of pride in the profession
  • Activities created by AMPAS and other companies
  • Appreciation of former teachers by current professionals
  • Increased student involvement with teachers

Some outcomes of the programme have been:

  • Development of a specific portal:
  • Five campaign videos communicating our message
  • Impacting one million people through our campaigns
  • 250,000 views of campaign videos across channels and profiles
  • Five editions of the national school video contest
  • Participation of 500 students in school video contests
  • Participation of 120 schools in the competitions
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