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Summer School 2023 in Valencia: An educational and fun space for the children of Torrefiel

Summer School 2023 in Valencia: An educational and fun space for the children of Torrefiel

The activities with children bring the school year to an end with this fun and educational activity. At the end of the academic year, many children are unable to attend summer courses due to the high cost and difficulty of travel. The Foundation’s Summer School offers children from the Torrefiel neighbourhood, who participate in educational projects throughout the year, the option of taking part and thus having activities during the summer holidays. All of them, aged between six and twelve years old (1st-6th of Primary School).

Handicrafts, sports activities, collaborative and ingenuity games, excursions and swimming pool, are some of the activities that have been carried out during the three weeks of duration.

The professional staff of the Foundation, together with the group of volunteers of the activity, have organised the timetables, the materials and the structure for its smooth running. In addition, thanks to the collaboration of donors and entities, it has been possible to provide the students with: lunch at mid-morning, the possibility of going on excursions on Fridays and daily activities in the Torrefiel swimming pool. In many cases it is the first Summer School they have attended and in some cases it is the first occasion they have had to participate in an activity in a swimming pool.

At the end of each day, a continuous evaluation was carried out, where the group of professionals determined whether or not the activity had been adequate and if there were any aspects that should be modified for the following days of the School. At the end of the activity, an evaluation was carried out by the participants and also by the volunteers, with the aim of improving the activity in the future.

Many thanks to all the people and entities that have made this action possible by donating material and financial resources.